Brand Story

        The establishment of Sweetpl starts like this. Before Sweetpl becomes the partner of public, we are once a retail company which helps Taiwanese to apply phone card and network card, which the customers that we faced and served are Taiwanese like us. In the summer holiday of 2017, the founder of Sweetpl, Ah Yong, under the recommendation of one of our partners, started our service to foreign students who had traveled to Taiwan. This marked the beginning of our connection with non-Taiwanese friends and foreign students.
        At that time, we provide the service of sales of phone cards to the students of Ming Chuan University and Chung Yuan Christian University. The package that we offered was indeed worth for the price, even though the telecommunication operator that we introduced was not well known at that time. However, our founder, Ah Yong was once holding the office of management of the said telecommunication operator at that time, that he knew that the content of the package that we offered was indeed unique in the market. So, Ah Yong found a business executive who was also once his co-worker to work on the project and discussed about the matters of agency of our product. As within our expectation, when the package that we offered was introduced, we received a good response from the students of the 2 universities as mentioned above. The number of applications had exceeded our expectations. The first time experience to deal and cooperate with the students was happy, and with the happy expressions on the students’ face, made us immersed in the mood of happiness. This chance made our founder in the next 2 years more active in making connections with other telecommunication operators, in the wish to provide a more diversified and beneficial package to foreigners staying in Taiwan.
        The next year, we met more foreign students who traveled to Taiwan who intended to apply for our package. However, the law of Taiwan set that the minimum age to apply for phone card is 20 years old, caused many foreign students cannot do so. So, we tried to refer to the law of the minimum age of other countries, cooperated with other telecommunication operators to fight for the qualification of application of phone card to be set at the age of 18, which eventually built a connection between us and the foreign students. We had carved open a path of service to the foreigners, which provided them a worthy phone card service, allowed them to contact each other even if staying in different countries.
        In October of 2018, a Malaysian student through the recommendation of his friend found us. He kept asking us as if can upgrade the service to make the foreigners who traveled to Taiwan have the feeling of “home”, which the “home” may be his or her support. Within 6 months, after many times of discussion and meeting between our members, we had been overwhelmed with ideas to present to all those foreigners for our service. We keep thinking about how to present them a “home”.  After much struggle and effort, here born Sweetpl. Taiwan is shaped like a potato if viewed from the world map. We live, grow, warm each other and take a break, just like how potato nourished us, the place of Taiwan had supplied us life experience.
        The time of establishment of Sweetpl may be short, but we had been served the foreign students on the campus for up to 3 years. In any holiday of summer or winter, we had visited many universities to serve the students personally, and no matter day or night, as long as there are demands, we are there to help. Creating a “home” is the ultimate goal that we are working for. Thus, any services provided by we Sweetpl are exactly our fruit of labor. Every collaboration of our business partners are recognized by the government which is legal and recognized by law, thus the quality is preserved.
        Furthermore, we had added more services in the year 2019, which include vehicle-booked travel, activity organization, public welfare activity, and foreigner students study tour, which the last activity had received a great response within the foreign students who will further their studies in Taiwan and still not used to the living in Taiwan. We will also fit in the date of the start of the new term of each university to organize the study tour to allow the foreign students to experience the university life of students in Taiwan.
        The establishment of Sweetpl had provided the foreigners staying in Taiwan, or those who wish to stay in Taiwan in the future a “home” which is based in Taiwan. Those having problems in the adaptation of life in Taiwan or wish to seek for chances of collaboration, do feel free to contact.
        Sweetpl hereby would like to thank for all of the supports, and we will introduce more beneficial and sincere activities in the future. Sweetpl, we deal for your lives, and you judge for our services.