One of the twenty-four solar term, Frost’s Descent comes after Double Ninth Festival and Cold Dew. Coincidentally, Taiwan was located at subtropical region and therefore, there is a feel of weather entering falls. It is definitely an enjoyment of a wonderful life if we go and have a drink of a great coffee and a delicious dessert with our close friends while enjoying the view of the falling yellow leaves.


Today, we are going to introduce our stars.




“7DAYS” is actually one of the brand of Taichung famous chain café, Qin zi Café (Li Zi Café). One of the slogans in its official website once stated, “Seven days in a week are good to eat chiffon cake”. This slogan is truly interesting.

Since 7DAYS was established in the year 2015, the demand of having 7DAYS as gifts and desserts in Taichung region is great and it has awarded as one of the top ten Taichung Gifts in 2016 because of its popularity.

 Therefore, it is suitable for both self-use and gift-giving. Right now, let’s straight to the point without any delay.


 The chiffon cake of 7DAYS has many different flavor, for me, the favorite flavors of mine are sweet banana and Lady Grey.




Sweet Banana


Mountain bananas from Central Taiwan are used and are ripped naturally without adding any fertilizer. The pure natural texture has made the cake smooth and plump.

The unique and meticulous taste joins together with the sweetness of the banana has made the cake tasty; as if a great father that protects his family, as if the love that is secretly kept inside a father, resounding.



 Once having the first bite of the cake, a strong banana taste that is not oversweet and not greasy has grown along our nasal cavity, it is indeed a better option to eat the cake together with a coffee.

Lady Gery


Earl Grey, a Chinese style black tea that is originated from Britain, is the sweetest occasion since a hundred years ago. It was all because of a careless England man that accidentally dropped a bergamot into the black tea. The unique combination of premium black tea and the oriental style has created an awesome flavor that amazes everyone until today and had made the tea a classic tea. The uniqueness of the Earl Grey is served as foundation in order for a Lady Grey flavor chiffon cake with rich aroma is baked. The elegant and smooth texture has made us obsessed with the taste. A slight taste will even make us smile happily.


A faint fragrancy of the Earl Grey is spread after a careful taste of it. If we look attentively, there is still some tea on the cake body, the luxury lifestyle of British royal family can be experienced if a hot Earl Grey is served at this time.


Of course, both of the flavor above are the favorite of mine, there are still many flavor without foaming agent available in 7DAYS.

 In a nutshell, the products are healthy and tasty. On top of that, the introduction of this products was broadcasted on television before.

7DAYS has also provided home delivery service or any other gifts and full moon baby gifts services. All the details can be obtained via the 7DAYS official website.



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