Life is full of unknown and surprises, just like traveling, because you never know what and who you will meet in the next stop, not even know what is waiting ahead for you, just like the trip to Yilan this time. Some people may say, traveling is to obtain comfort and strength, as to be “healed” by the unfamiliar world. Indeed, the trip to Yilan this time did give me the courage and strength to have a deep exploration of Taiwan.

        Yilan Railway Station was our first stop for this Yilan trip. Railway station full of modernity was not new in local. However, the railway station of Yilan was artistic and refreshing, which the design was as beautiful as a fairy tale. A retro-style train hurriedly passed by with the vivid and lifelike wallpaper of animals on the wall. The travelers had no tiring look in the eyes and steps, but in fact, had slowed down their pace to take a picture with the designs in the railway station. In 10 am morning, the sun shone warmly on the smiles of the travelers. Strolling along the way was just as cozy as staying in a fairy tale. The next stop was Kavalan Distillery. When we stepped into the distillery, we can see a row of wine barrels with the marks of the year of production on it and various kinds of modern production machines. Besides keeping the traditional method of brewing wine, Kavalan Distillery also used the latest wine brewing machines to increase productivity and quality. With this, the distillery not only can ensure the uniqueness of the taste of the wine but also can ensure the producing technique is aligned with the modern method. After being compared with many other liquor products, an amateur like me also slowly developed an interest in Whiskey. Then we paid a visit to Kuchen Kenwort Museum, which made us had a taste of local desserts and drinks, which include wine-brew coffee, tropical fruit juice, red bean paste dorayaki, and milk-taste cake, etc.

        Our next stop was strolling around Meihua Lake. Meihua in Chinese means plum blossom, and the name of Meihua Lake is just like the literal meaning of the term itself, which the lake itself shaped like a plum blossom. Many people strolling around the lake, cycling around, taking an electronic bike, fluting any songs, feeding the fish and sunbathing. The lake is far from the noise of the city and free of any complexity and noise of the city as well. The only disturbs that reached my ears are the sound of kids having fun and the sweet melody of flute, which made me realized that after taking a stroll around the lake, and when I had decided to have a sunbath on the grass to enjoy the coziness of the lake to fullest, I heard a white-haired old man fluting the “Love Confession” of Jay Chou, which had built an undescribable good atmosphere.

        We heard that the prawn-fishing in Yilan is a must on the trip. So, Bro Kai and Bro Yong took us to have an experience of it. From the measuring of the depth of the pool until the method of fodder attachment on the rod, these 2 gentlemen taught us patiently. However, prawn-fishing was never an easy task, especially for impetuous people, it is almost like a trial. After every eagerness in return of disappointment for our labor, we had expected to return with an empty basket, until we managed to get the first luxuriant prawn under the guidance of Bro Kai, made our joy in the heart that our dinner finally settled. At the moment, the night had come that we also reached the booked homestay at the same time. Some of our members sang in the KTV, while some of us were chit-chatting until late at night. The most meaningful thing about this trip was not how much delicious food that we had ate or how many beautiful sceneries that we had witnessed, but the experiences and stories that each of us had exchanged. The twinkling stars and bright moon on the sky together with the cold night breeze had made the night more refreshing. This is because we had found our congenial trip and partners which allowed us to enjoy the mysterious and surprises of the trip to the fullest.

        The morning of Yilan can smell the moisture and freshness of the field. We traveled to Brown Boulevard along with the car. It is a pity for us to not be able to see the widespread golden paddy field as it was not the season yet, but what is fortunate is we still able to see the nature of Taiwan and the coziness of the locals in making their living peacefully. Then, we experienced the Jiaoxi hot spring fish-bitting foot spa. Looking at the colorful fish swimming around the foot was fun. Fun time end in the speed of light. The 2 days 1 night Yilan trip had come to the end. Remembered my joyfulness when first came to know that I am going to take part in the trip and then eager for the trip to start as soon as possible made me smile. I felt very fortunate to meet every member of the trip and sat down to chat. This may the fate or chance that brought us together. I will always remember our first group photo and the caption there: Is this the end or another beginning?